PATTAYA-REALESTATE is the website behind the company Pattaya Foreigner Service Co.,Ltd. which was founded in 2006 by Mr. Zollinger. And in 2013 was taken over by Paul Camilleri.

The Managing Director, Paul Camilleri, adopts a highly involved approach, personally attending to his clients. With his proficiency in English, German, French, and Italian, he achieves great success in communication.

As a Swiss company, PFS has established itself on a foundation of reliability, punctuality, and prompt responsiveness to customer needs and inquiries. PFS provides an extensive range of properties for sale, encompassing both new and resale properties such as houses, villas, condominiums, and land sales. Rental options are also available.

PFS ensures not only the satisfaction of buyers but also that of sellers. The company takes pride in personally inspecting every property in their listings portfolio, ensuring thorough familiarity with each offering. They often invest an hour or more in listing the property, capturing high-quality photographs that showcase its full potential. According to Paul, "I prefer the property to demonstrate its quality and value."

PFS boasts strong connections within the Pattaya property market and collaborates with other agencies, providing a streamlined service with a single point of contact.

"Thanks to our small yet highly skilled team, we can deliver an unparalleled service and offer competitive prices. Our company has thrived by upholding principles of transparency and honesty. Whether you wish to sell or buy, give us a chance."

Paul Camilleri